Santa Wayne & GRACE+GRIT Photography

Creating a truly magical holiday experience year after year

It’s not about taking photos, it’s about building memories

When I started photography I had always dreamed of doing Santa sessions so I could capture that holiday magic for families. My first go at it 2015 was a great time, cute photos, but not much magic. In 2019 I had the pleasure of working with Santa Wayne and there it was! ALL THE MAGIC! I remember doing the promo and being in awe of the stories and enthusiasm. During our first event watching the kids just beam made me melt and it was then that I knew I wanted to continue to keep that magic alive every year!

2022 Santa Wayne Sessions with GRACE+GRIT are LIVE!

Every year we strive to make your time with us is just as magical if not better than the year before! I absolutely LOVE seeing families come back year after year. It is such a privilege to be chosen to capture these memories for you all!

2022 I knew I wanted to go BIG! I wanted to create a setup that was more than just a backdrop. So this year's theme for our Santa Wayne Minis is......Santa's Magic Workshop!! I have always wanted to do this theme and so excited to create this magic this year!

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Santa's Magic Workshop

Santa Wayne backdrop for events on:

Nov 6 2022

Nov 20 2022

Dec 4 2022

Cozy Christmas

Second backdrop for non-Santa poses for events on:

Nov 6 2022

Nov 20 2022

Cozy Cabin

Santa Wayne backdrop for Black Friday Walk-in event.

Black Friday Santa Wayne Walk-in Event!!

For this first time ever, we are excited to announce we will start offering a handful of WEEKDAY walk-in appointments for your Santa Wayne visit with GRACE+GRIT!

These sessions will be different than our weekend events so please take note. These will have our cozy cabin setup only, are appox 5-8 min long, but will still have all the magic and fun you can expect with our weekend sessions and still will be delivered digitally. Follow the "Learn More" link for more information!


Santa Wayne was INCREDIBLE! My kids were in awe the moment they walked in the room and saw him. My youngest did as babies do and cried, but Santa handled it so well. Ann’s pictures came out amazing and made the best Christmas cards. We will definitely be returning time and time again.

E. Family


We absolutely love Santa Wayne! In fact my son has seen him just about every year of his life. Ann was so gracious to get us in for a last min appointment last year. She was great with Eli! We are excited to be seeing Santa Wayne and Ann again this year!

D. Family


Will there be a wait to see Santa?

The time slot you booked is not necessarily the EXACT time that you will be in with of Santa, but more of a method for scheduling everyone in for pictures. There may be a short wait after you check-in but there is a waiting area and you are also welcome to wait in your car and someone will get you when we are ready for you!

Can we bring our pets?

Unless it is a designated Pet Day than unfortunately we cannot have pets inside the studio. Santa has a special suit he wears for pet events that way kiddos with allergies are not affected!

Do I need to book another session if I want to do pictures with another family?

It is not required to book more than one time slot if you are doing multiple families in a session. We do not limit the "poses" that each session does during their timeframe! However, I do suggest scheduling back to back sessions if there are multiple young children or a big group as most sessions are 5-10 min so big groups tend to be rushed with only one slot.

Why is there a session fee this year?

Like everything else in the world these days, the cost to just put together our Santa events has gone up significantly this year. In order to keep things going and not have to increase digital prices too much we have added the $20 session fee to help cover some of our costs.

Is there a difference between the dates?

YES! Not all of our Santa events are ran the same. We have 2 November dates this year that include both our Magical Workshop backdrop with Santa Wayne PLUS our Cozy Christmas backdrop that can be used for additional non-Santa poses. We also have our Dec. 4th date that is ONLY the Magical Workshop backdrop . Our Walk-In events will be the Cozy Cabin backdrop.

Why is there a price difference between the dates?

My goal is to be able to offer some sort of Santa Wayne & GRACE+GRIT experience to everyone in the community! And while I would LOVE to be able to share that experience for free, this is how we support our family! So next best thing to to offer different packages/experience that can hopefully suit everyones needs. Our more expensive events come with more backdrops, time, experience, etc.